Veritas offers home and business security and automation services, customized to meet your specific security needs. All of our systems are equipped with state-of-the art video monitoring, including cellular communications, remote system management, integrated video solutions and security service plans. This ensures that your home and office will be protected 24 / 7.

Our product carries a base two year warranty and the option of a 10-year warranty with the maintenance and monitoring agreement.

In addition, there are many cost saving benefits of our systems:

  • High efficiency equipment uses up to 95% less energy than competitors
  • Intelligent cameras reduce storage costs
  • Standard Ethernet connection eliminates need for special network components
  • Reinforced housing and built-in cable protection cut maintenance costs
  • Automatic image adjustment reduces bandwidth consumption
Green Technology

Our products are “green” technology and a basic security grade camera only uses 3 watts of power. Versus our competitors that average 40-80 watts of power per camera. Our “green” technology averages a consumer between $2-$7.00 per month (4 camera system). While our competitors average 30-80 bucks per month.

Solar Installation

We also have advanced solar installation that can handle external and internal lighting. This system installed for a basic home can save a homeowner from $9 to $60 per month. It is an affordable alternative to the high cost systems many installers want to charge a home owner.

Home Automation

Our home automation system can automate lights, HVAC, doors, garage doors, smoke, fire and heat alarms and sensors and much more. All can be accomplished through a single smart phone app. The home or small business owner can monitor all system from any smart phone, tablet, computer anywhere in the world.

Financing Deals

We have financing options for any homeowner which makes it highly affordable. Plus if a homeowner moves they can take the complete system with them (less any installed wiring).

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