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Burglar King Ballers

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Many burglary crimes are solved with the help of security camera footage, but rarely are burglars arrested with the help of their own selfies.

That’s exactly what happened for two Houston men earlier this month. The men introduced themselves as Dorian and Dillion from the “Money Team” in a video taken on the iPad they stole from Randy Schaefer’s truck, along with a laptop and $5,000 cash.

The video shows the men in a Burger King, bragging about the stacks of $100 bills they got from “a good night’s hustle.” Schaefer, also from Houston, soon discovered that Dorian’s video and other selfies automatically synced to the Cloud, giving authorities a clear path to the identity of the suspects.

Surprisingly, Dorian posted the video to his own Facebook page. Not surprisingly, it didn’t take long for the post to attract attention from the media and authorities.

The men, identified as Dorian Walker-Gaines and Dillion Thompson, have since been arrested for the robbery.

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