Products & Services

At Veritas we merge together the expertise and technology to provide real security and automation for your home and business.

Veritas is home of eKey technology which allows you the home owner or small business owner complete confidence knowing your assets are secure.

Even in a power outage our systems keep your home and business secure. Unlike traditional single point of failure security systems which end up costing you more money because of false alarms or delayed intrusion detection our system immediately notifies you and the monitoring professionals to send emergency personnel because of a known and verified unauthorized person.

Traditional video security systems require additional equipment such as a dvr/nor which may allow remote viewing but those systems also require separate video management systems licensing and limited range of view and diminished video quality.

Veritas security systems are the only true security grade integrated systems on the market. Proven in the field daily and are the go to systems of real security professionals worldwide.

Product Features
Each camera operates independently
Security grade high resolution
Built in intrusion detection
Access from computer, smartphone, or tablet
Free software
Each camera operates on 1.3 watts of power.
Can be integrated into independent motion sensors
Two way telephone
Built in voip technology
Built in alarm system
eKey technology