Why Veritas


As law enforcement moves away from responding to “blind alarms” and begins requiring homeowners to Veritas_Vhave a “Verified Presence” before responding,  old alarm systems are becoming ineffective in protecting your property. Though many blind alarm companies boast “fastest response time,” they don’t tell you that “response time” is only the call center response time, not in dispatching the police.
What good does that do when you are at work and someone is making off with your television, jewelry & computer? What these companies will tell you is that there is a burglary every 15 seconds in the U.S. But according to FBI BJS statistics, almost 40% of all burglaries of homes and business have a blind alarm system in place! With the average national response time of 45 minutes and an average cost to the property owner of $2,120,  it’s clear that you can’t afford to rely on outdated technology.

At VERITAS we created the solution by developing the “Intrusion Prevention” system for home and business. Our system eliminates the threat before it has the opportunity to violate your sense of security. Our technology identifies a foreign presence when they enter your yard, driveway, or jump your fence, then sends a recorded message that their presence has been detected and law enforcement has been dispatched. All the time you the home owner or small business owner are alerted to the event as is our state of the art call center that monitors, records and dispatches law enforcement without the headache of calling you.